Bath & Brush

Bath & Brush includes:


Hi Quality hypoallergetic shampoo specific to your pets' hair needs

Hi quality conditioner for every dog

Minor brushing to remove dead coat

Ears are cleaned during bathing


Drying techniques that suit your pets temperment. This may include:

High Velocity Dryers

Low Velocity Dryers

Kennel Dryers w or wo heat

Many dogs are not fans of the drying process so a combination of these techniques may be used. We let your pet tell us what they prefer.


Brushing the coat several times to eliminate minor tangles, and minor dead coat, condition the skin and enhance shine and appearance.


Clipping / dremmel the nails as required . Some dogs may need to wear a muzzle during this procedure to help keep them calmer and everyone safe .

Prices start at:

Short Hair Long Hair

small $45 $55

Medium $50 $70

Large $65 $90

Xtra Large $90 $100

Additional charges may apply for any additional attention required.

Longer hair takes more product and time to manage. Hair longer than 3/4" is considered long haired.

Aggressive , timid/shy, reluctant-uncooperative etc require special care.

Very dirty dogs may require 2-3 shampoos

Heavily matted dogs will need to be shaved down prior to bath, as you cannot wash matts.

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